Addressing COVID-19

Brooks & DeRensis, P.C., by this notice, wants to inform our clients, colleagues and service providers that we will continue to provide fluid and uninterrupted services to our clients, and continue to maintain the normal past professional relationships with colleagues and service providers during the time period covered by the coronavirus outbreak.

BD is aware of states of emergency having been declared in New Hampshire and Massachusetts (source states for our client base).

Our office hours will remain unchanged and we are open while we accommodate our clients’ needs by video conferencing or any other type of engagement that the client desires. Your legal matters remain our priority.

All attorneys and administrative staff are well-versed in remote work techniques and we will continue to provide work product seamlessly.

While it is self-evident, BD wants to urge everyone to take adequate precautions to keep themselves and their families safe and in good health during this unusual set of circumstances.

Please never hesitate to contact us at any time regarding any matter of importance. You are our most important asset and we cherish our relationship with you.

Thank you very much.

Brooks & DeRensis, P.C.